ASUS Ultra-Thin Assault

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Asus vs Apple, now that's an interesting battle! I know this may not sound too interesting, and it may not even make sense for some of you, because Apple only has a few laptops on the market, while asus has an army of them, but there's one race everybody's into these days - the race for best ultra-thin laptop.

The U and UX series from asus should drop by in the coming months, and they both feature an illuminated chiclet keyboard and auto-adjusting LED backlit display, with the U series having a 15.6-inch glossy LCD, as well as a really impressive touchpad that follows your fingertips using progressively fading lights.

Since we're talking about pretty expensive laptops, it should be obvious that the processors used will belong to the Intel Core 2 Duo family, while your ears will be delighted by the sound coming from the Altec Lansing speakers built-in, with SRS true surround sound. Other than these, there's a NVIDIA GeForce G105M, and hard drives up to 500 GB, apart from what you should have with every laptop - some USB ports, Wireless, and so on.

Unfortunately, the asus UX is currently hidden in the shadows, all there is to know being the fact that those who will get it will enjoy a slot-in optical disc drive.

At last, here's my favorite part of the official press release:

"Immaculate Design for the Discerning Individual

The asus U and UX Series are designed for the modern individual who accepts no compromise when it comes to exquisite taste in high fashion and possesses an eye for the latest trends as well as the intricacies in design. Reminiscent of the streets of Paris with the evening fast approaching, the asus U and UX Series' newly-adopted illuminated 'chiclet' keyboard lights up brilliantly, not only providing users with the ability to type in the dark, but its subtle yet assuring glow also reminds the user of the star studded skies above. AI Light sensor technology intelligently detects the surrounding environmental lighting conditions and then automatically adjusts the brightness or dimness of the LED backlit display to provide a comfortable computing experience even in adverse lighting conditions. These features can be found adorning a softly contoured chassis, shrouded in a sleek and sophisticated glossy LCD lid and supported by a frame inspired by the curvature of a butterfly's wings."


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