Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The N10J A1 in literal terms is called the notebook for the corporate. Apart from offering the standard features present in all the notebooks it packs in additional features like dedicated graphics and a very up market fancy design to go with it. To top it all, the N10 works on Intel Atom platform, making the processing speed much faster and option of navigating through multi windows simultaneously without much of an effort.

The design of the notebook is one notch above the other competitive products available in the market. It is designed keeping in mind the rigors of extensive rough use that it will be undergoing. There are a lot of versions of the N10 which are available in the market. While some versions offer Windows Vista, other offer integrated graphics instead of dedicated graphics, and some might also offer a different hard drive. The only reason why different versions are available is to cater to different needs of the individuals ensuring a better usability and much wider reach in terms of customer base. It has a very thin shape, which propels the battery to stick out from the back of the notebook. It provides color options which are generally not available in other products.

The display screen is a 10.4’ TFT LED backlit WSVGA screen. It offers very bright and vibrant color display with better viewing angles compared to other notebooks. One can spend hours in front of the screens without actually troubling the eyes even a bit. There are a few drawbacks of the display screen though; one is that because of its vibrancy and bright nature, the screen gives out a lot of glare which can be annoying and uncomfortable at times. Secondly the screen resolution is low in comparison to some of the other available products commensurate to the price points it operates in.

It has quite a unique keyboard although the layout design is relatively different from the other notebooks but it is very user friendly and functional to operate. There are separate key available on the keyboard for accessing the dedicated graphics and wireless connectivity options.

The performance of the notebook is somewhat disappointing from the aspect of the frequent multi media users. The system despite having dedicated graphics and the Intel Atom platform at its boot disappoints while high definition multi media files are used. The system also fails to give an outstanding performance when the users try the gaming options. The output in terms of visual effects is just about average, something the users don’t normally like to associate this kind of a machine with.

Price: Approx. $550

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