Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is one of those laptops in which the manufacturers have paid attention to slightest details from user’s point of view. It is not one of those machines, which may look awesome in the advertisement but disappoints when seen in person physically. There are several options available in terms of colors that the users can choose from. It is considered one of the most functional machines available which serves the unique requirements for its users.

The gateway has a 16.9’ widescreen display which is ideal especially while running the multi media applications like movies, games etc. There is appropriate and even lighting on the entire screen including the edges. The notebook works on the Windows Vista Premium operating system, which is a standard feature and comes in preloaded, although the users might be required to customize some of the settings before actually using for the first time.

The major drawback in the note book is its keyboard. It is the weakling in this other wise pretty standard and user friendly machine. There are touch sensitive buttons available to access the media options on the right side of the keyboard. The touch pad available is very large, almost to the extent of being close to the entire width of the screen. It at times looks a bit awkward especially for people who are not very comfortable with large sized touchpad at it can hinder free movement of the hand while typing.

There are a lot of applications which come preloaded in the system. Users can choose the applications that they wish to use and have the option of removing or uninstalling the not to be used applications. The systems camera software pops up on the screens as soon as the cursor is moved to the edge of the screen. The inbuilt 1.3 mega pixel camera comes in very handy when it comes to taking pictures or video conferencing.

The Gateway has a couple of speakers and a built in mic on the front side, although the sound quality is quite low and not clear. Has a good battery life with considerable time is spent away from the main supply station, thus ensuring peace of mind and functionality especially for people on the go.

It works with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400 which is quite responsive and fast. Has 320 GB hard drive with 4 GB system memory. Over all it is a physically appealing and better performing notebook with the exception of the disappointing and poor keyboard touchpad layout.

Price: Approx. $450

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