Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In its pursuit for innovation and improvements Asus improved its Asus Eee PC 900 HA and introduced ASUS Eee PC 904 HA. This version of laptop is a store house of many features not found in many other compatible models.

Features are many:

These laptops are also called as NetBooks. ASUS Eee PC 904 HA NetBook, is a low cost model. This is an Internet centric mobile computer developed in association with Intel and Microsoft. The power supply for this NetBook is through 1.6GHz Intel Atom Ultra low voltage battery processor N270. ASUS assure low power consumption by these laptops and at the same time maintains the Intel Core 2 Duo instruction compatibility.

The N270 which has an amazing 47 million transistors in a single chip measuring 22 mm which uses just 2.5 watts power! It reduces power leakage in transistors, thereby saves the transistors and at the same the life of the battery is enhanced. The Super Hybrid Engine promises seven hours of battery life, when WiFi is not used and adjusts the CPU power frequency and monitors the LCD brightness thus 15% power is saved.

The speed of any computer is dependant on the speed with which data is transferred. The 1.6 GHz Atom processor in ASUS Eee PC 904 HA has with it front size bus of 533 MHz which ensures faster transfer of data from the 512 KB L2 cache which holds the data temporarily.

Two stereo speakers with built in Digital Array Microphones are provided on the display frame and above that is the 1.3. mega pixel webcam.

This ASUS Eee PC 904 HA is quite useful for persons who travel frequently and have to stay connected with various people throughout. Being a light weight laptop and being small in size, it does not demand extra space in your luggage bag.

This NetBook is available in Pearl white, Pure White and Shine Black colors. Some of the main features of ASUS Eee PC 904 HA are:

1. Intel Atom Processor 1.6 GHZ.
2. 512 KB L2 Cache, 533 MHz FSB, 1 GB DDR2, SDRAM, 667 MHz, 160 GB, SATA HDD
3. 8.9 inch WSVGA TFT LCD display
4. GMA 950 graphics chipset
5. Integrated WiFi with wireless LAN
6. Integrated 56 kbps modem with fax
7. 1.3 megapixel camera integrated
8. 1 in 1 media card reader with MMc and MS
9. 3 USB v 2.0 ports
10. Audio 5.1 CODEC hardware
11. Built in stereo 1.5 watts each array microphone
12. Microsoft Windows XP home
13. 6600 mAh 7.4 volts battery
14. Weigh 1.4 Kgs with battery

Price: Approx. $350

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