Colorful Portable Drives From A-Data

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Damn, it's so sad to see the website of a big company goin' down exactly when you need it, but I guess I'll have to tell you what I know without checking out the official page. After all, A-Data is no stranger to me. I guess I said it before, but here's once more - I have a flash drive, a simply great external card reader, as well as the 2X1GB DDR2 memory kit from my desktop computer coming from A-Data, and I've been extremely happy with all of them. Now, what about some colorful portable drives from A-Data?

For me, this comes a bit too late, I already got an external USB 2.0 HDD rack, but if I'll ever need something smaller(the one I have looks like an aircraft carrier next to a fishing boat, when compared to the A-Data CH 91 line), I'll surely get one of these colorful portable drives from the CH 91 family. Why?

As you probably know, I agree with any color for my gadgets, as long as they're black, so...choosing between sapphire blue, sweet pink and purple white can't be that hard, don't you think? Obviously, it's sapphire blue all the way, and you can see how good it looks in the image above!

The official mumbo-jumbo claims that "With huge capacity up to 500GB, the 2.5" external hard disk drive CH91 surly is the right choice for people who need to carry large file all the time and express unique personal style. To keep your stylish mini-notebook accompanied, the Classic CH91 is coated in a metal-like paint spray in a compact size."

Ehem..."surly" should have been "surely," I think, but we'll leave that aside, because we're not checking the press release for mistakes, after all.

The CH 91 is USB powered, so you won't have to carry a bulky power adapter with you when moving it from a place to another(enough to say that I carry my external rack in a large shopping bag, when I have to go to some friend with more data than my flash drive can carry), and the only problem I see now is that pricing and availability are both shrouded in mist...


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