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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you're one of those looking to get the best Linux for laptops, then you're in for a tough fight, believe me! Why so? Well, I stumbled upon a lot of people having problems with Windows on their laptops, and there are only a few Windows versions, while Linux ust for the record, I will mention that there are over 50 distros worthy of your attention, but if we think about niche ones, we end up with a much higher number. Come on, think about "Christian Edition" or the distros heavily localized, starting with language, and going as far as using software developed in a certain area!

OK, Linux for laptops? There's no such a thing! Really, I could easily escape by saying Ubuntu is the best Linux for laptops, and most people would be happy, but what if you have an older laptop?

My personal advice is to try ZenWalk, Xubuntu and Slax. These are all using the XFCE window manager, and they work like a charm on computers with 256MB of memory. Even if you have 128MB of memory you could run them pretty well, although I doubt that laptops so old are still being used on a regular basis by too many people...

Now, when it comes to new laptops, the most frequent problem when trying to find a Linux distro for them is hardware support. Advices? Start with Ubuntu, openSuse, and Fedora, and if you simply can't make your exotic devices work properly, try checking out the official forums for the one you're using. Other suggestions for recent laptops would be Mandriva, and Google.

No, there's no "Google Linux" available yet, but you must use Google while looking to find best Linux for laptops, because there's only "best Linux for your laptop," and finding it requires a lot of trial-error runs.

That's all, folks! I know this may not be really helpful, but it's enough to make you open your eyes. If you want to/can open them or not, that's up to you. Good luck!


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