Forex Trade and Horse Racing

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1. Dahlman narrows your playing field. It focuses primarily on the races held in New York and California, where he has a considerable advantage. Here he can thoroughly acquainted with all the nuances of local trainers (in whose hands the horse can literally transform) and monitor the status of horses. Trader must make every effort to focus on selected "stable" markets and to explore the subtleties of their individual, rather than jump in the markets or certain market-based instruments, which are not fully investigated.

2. Dahlman specializes in a very specific form of the rates - "exacta", which is his bread and butter. " Trader is best to specialize in one style of trading, or trading strategy. Be aware of the risk / return profile of your personal equipment. Dahlman chooses a strategy which, at first glance, is linked to higher risk, but which offers a good reward.

3. Dahlman pays more money to minimize their risk. It insures your bet, creating a link ( "doubling as a cost, both direct and exacta", which allows Dalmanu to play both sides "). Successful traders are much more interested in strategies to minimize risk than those who hunt for big profits. Stop orders, protective options, or spread strategies - these are just some of the ways to minimize risk.

4. Being "trudyagoy and hunks. "Dahlman said that he earns an average of 3% or 4% on their investment." He never put serious money on the long chance - bid with a high probability of winning. "The point is that there is no 100% guarantee of the first. The constant of race, favorites win only one third of all races. Even successful players tearing more tickets than they are exchanged for money. The purpose is to exchange for money rather win tickets, which would reimburse the loss and still made a profit. This is something that applies to addition and subtraction. "

5. Know the seasonality of its game. Winter - it's my favorite time of year, "he said heartily. "It's more predictable. Horses tend to be older, and you know what they are going to do." If you are trading in commodity contracts, that is an excellent time of year when volatility increases. If you sell options, historically a strong trend of variability to enter the market during the summer. You are more active early in the year or at the end of the year? Be aware of your cycles and market directly to you.

6. To do his daily homework. "Most frequenters Hippodrome loves controversial race with 12 horses with the promise of a three-figure bets" exacta ". But Dahlman, - Anyone who knows anything about gambling, will tell you that I am not a great player. What I am capable of, is to arithmetic. I can add and subtract. Like many other professional players, Dahlman relies in part on the work of others. Daily Gazette "Daily Racing Form" gives him a briefing on recent races and a description of each of the horses that participated in the races. In order to study this a cursory glance. The greater the information received from the analytical leaf ", which identifies and analyzes a variety of factors, ranging from elasticity to track the wind direction, influencing the distance for each horse." He believes that the preservation of its detailed reporting is its greatest advantage. What and how do you keep detailed records of their trading operations, and how it helps you in your future trade?


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