T-Mobile launches BlackBerry 8820 with WiFi

Friday, April 24, 2009

Right on time, T-Mobile has added another piece to the smartphone side of the HotSpot@Home puzzle with the 8820, featuring both WiFi and GPS in a single package — a somewhat rare combo from our friends at RIM, and a new, fresh answer to the 8800 and 8830 variants found on every other national carrier in the US (and, in the case of the 8800, on T-Mobile itself). The lack of a camera will be a detraction for some, but a boon for others given the device’s all-business roots — and naturally, no one’s going to complain about the microSD expansion, myFaves support, or the ability to hop on 802.11g networks for a little VoIP action, T-Mobile style.

This is a preview of T-Mobile launches BlackBerry 8820 with WiFi.


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