Palm Treo 800w review

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We’d been hearing rumors about the Treo 800w for what seemed like ages. Between the clatter of “Zeppelin” talk, glimpses of a new model during Gates’ last CES keynote, and the ever-persistent idea that a fresh new Palm phone is just around the corner, it wasn’t exactly a mind-blowing surprise when the new model finally came to light (of course, Sprint selling it a day early didn’t help either). Now we’ve had a chance to spend some quality time with the company’s latest foray into the world of Windows Mobile, and we’d like to share our deepest thoughts and inner-most feelings on the device.


If you’ve been keeping a close on eye on Palm lately (and we know you have), the appearance of this phone should be less than shocking to you. Like its spiritual predecessors, the Centro and 500v, the 800w shares the same soft, rounded edges, basic key layout, and smallish, sunken screen. Like the aforementioned phones, a stripe of silver divides the device around the edges, while its hard keys are delineated by the similar, somewhat garish coloring on the front of the device. Unlike the Centro, the 800w is coated in a soft-touch finish, which feels comfortable and safe when it’s in-hand.


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