Palm Pre and webOS: lies, damn lies, and statistics

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The announcement of a wild, revolutionary new mobile platform with potentially far-reaching implications for the industry (and our hearts) is bound to generate some twisted buzz and some outright fallacies in this minefield we call the interwebs, so we wanted to circle back, catch our breath, and do our part to help dispel some of the myths that are cropping up around webOS and the Pre.

The Pre is not the only webOS-based device planned.
During the Pre’s fanfare-packed intro, Palm CEO Ed Colligan mentioned that webOS would serve as Palm’s platform “for the next decade.” So unless the company plans to offer nothing but the Pre for the next 10 years (hint: they don’t), there will be plenty of hardware variations from which to choose — just like the Palm OS of old.

This is a preview of Palm Pre and webOS: lies, damn lies, and statistics.


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