The Nokia N75 “Tab Top” AT&T gets in on the renaming craze, too

Friday, April 24, 2009

Like the Samsung U740 on Verizon, AT&T’s Nokia N75 is a workhorse that’s been kicking around for a good, long while now. It’s a serviceable S60 device — the very first released with North American UMTS, in fact — but it’s lived its useful shelf life at this point and probably should be put out to pasture, preferably with a few shreds of dignity left intact. It seems AT&T has distinctly different plans for the phone, though, following Verizon’s curious renaming buffoonery by christening the N75 the “Tab Top.” What does “Tab Top” mean, you ask? We’re not totally sure, but AT&T says the feature of the same name “gives you easy access to the most commonly used device functionality without using the menu.” We thought S60’s Active Standby sorta did this already, but hey, if AT&T wants to get all fancy on us and call it Tab Top, more power to ‘em, we guess.


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