Nokia cordially invites Apple to join Ovi

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dont hold your breath, guys. A Nokia board member has gone on the record saying that the “door is open” to Apple to join its Ovi initiative — a collection of multimedia-centric services delivered directly to handsets through a portal app — by adding iTunes into the mix. Of course, Nokia has its own Music Store, a direct competitor to iTunes — but in the bigger scheme of things, it’s hard to argue against the clout (Nokia calls it “enrichment” for its customers) that the largest digital music store in the world brings to the table. We suspect that Nokia’s recent ribbing of the iPhone (not to mention that these two giants are sworn enemies on several levels, or the fact that Apple is one of the less cooperative companies in the biz) will probably put the kibosh on any possible deal, but it’s all good, Nokia; you just keep on keepin’ on with that iPhone of your own and roll deep with your own store.


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