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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A lot of netbooks use Linux these days, and I find this really impressive, especially if we think about the kids who will use such systems at school or as their first computer, and then move on to more powerful computers and Linux distros, but leave Windows aside. What about that as a possible future, Microsoft?

Anyway, since we can't talk about a standardized Linux variant for netbooks yet, hearing about Google Android netbooks made me raise my eyebrows. It's obvious that Google severly kicked some Microsoft a*s in the Internet search battlefield, but can they do that again in the OS market? To be honest, I think not, but it's great to see news about future Google Android netbooks, especially when one of the first ones to arrive comes from one of my favorite hardware companies, namely MSI.

According to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report, my beloved MSI will showcase an Android-based netbook at Computex 2009, but the company declined to comment anything on the rumor, so we're not sure about this. Heh, if I think well, they could have easily deny that, but I guess it's all going to happen, ISN'T IT??

Even more, the rumor says this Google Android netbook from MSI hasn't been developed by the company alone. No, the other side involved wasn't Google, as I was also tempted to think, but Taiwan's Institute for Information Industry. Unfortunately, I have no idea what was their part in the process, but I guess we'll find out pretty soon...or maybe we won't.

At last, since Computex 2008 hosted the release of more than just one Atom-based netbook running Microsoft's good old Windows XP, this year's edition will surely see more than just one Google Android netbook showin' up. When? It all starts on the second day of June, so have a little patience, will you? In the meantime, we'll surely get more info on the subject, so maybe you should start saving some cash for a new Google Android netbook.


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