Golden Mouse, Anyone?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If you worry about your savings, then my suggestion is to turn your money into gold. No matter what happens with the currency exchange rates, gold remains gold, and I am sure I don't have to say more than that. Anyway, if you think you'll keep your money in the current state, then what about a golden mouse?

Yup, you got that right - a golden mouse! Even more, a wireless golden mouse! No, I am not joking at all, especially since I wasn't really in the mood for jokes lately. It has nothing to do with the economy, just some minor health issues, don't worry. Ready for the Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse?

If you want technical specs, then you won't get such a thing now. You have the picture above, and now you have the price - $34.68. Other than that? Well, this is a USB mouse with no gold on it, actually. This is too much for some ordinary USB wireless mouse, if you ask me, but looking at the golden mouse from a different angle, it looks cool. If the Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse is cool enough for its price, that depends on your tastes.


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