Fujitsu’s Secure USB Memory

Monday, April 20, 2009

Security above anything else, that's what you should always keep in mind when your computer holds more than just the OS and some documents you wouldn't mind at all becoming public. Sometimes, it's not only about your computer, and since this may sound a bit strange, let me explain...

No, I am not talking about securing your car or your house - it's still about the data your laptop carries, but when talking about data on the road, USB memory also has a very important part to play. For example, Fujitsu's secure USB memory will self destruct the data on it after being lost...but don't think about any explosions!

"The new and unique USB memory device prototype contains a processor and battery. After a fixed period of time, if the USB memory device is plugged into an unauthorized PC, the data can automatically be erased or the USB memory device can be rendered unusable. For example, the USB memory device can be set up with a policy whereby the data will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, or it will be deleted if the USB memory is plugged into an unregistered computer even once. By storing and carrying data on a USB memory device that allows for this type of security setting, in the event that the USB memory device is lost, the data stored on it will be automatically deleted and thus enable strict security."

Pretty cool, don't you agree? Obviously, the technology described above will be more expensive than the simple USB memory sticks we know these days...but if you really need security, then you gotta do what it takes. In this case, that means to pay a bit of extra cash to take advantage of some extra security.

Fujitsu laboratories announced the development of two new technologies: A secure USB memory device and a file redirect technology. A USB memory device technology prevents unauthorized access to data from the device. This technology automatically erases the USB memory after a fixed period of time and the file redirect technology makes sure that the data from the USB memory can be stored only in a particular company server.

You will also have the option to configure the device to erase its memory at a set time. Also if after a fixed period of time the device is plugged into an unauthorized system, the data will either be automatically erased or the USB device will be rendered unusable. For example, you can set the device to delete the memory after 12 hours or the memory will be deleted if the device is plugged into an unauthorized system even once.

Installing the file redirect software in a system will restrict the copying function of the data from the USB device. The data can only be stored in the USB device or on a specified server. This technology can also be used to prevent transfer of data as an e-mail attachment or from being printed. This secure technology also safe guards the data from being transferred to file-sharing networks either accidentally or deliberately.

These two technologies are supposed to work together to give maximum security to your confidential data.

Unfortunately, this is more of a technology demo for now, and no price or availability for the public have been disclosed...


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