Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Asus has just hit over online with its new Eee PC 1002H on their own website. But only a month ago it was on air that Asus has confirmed to trim down the quantity of the Eee PC models in the market. So isn’t it bit contrasting?

This time also the screen size is 10.2 inches like some of the other Eee PC netbooks. As Asus vowed to lessen the number of Eee PC products, we were not prepared to get another one in the line so soon. But what is new in this?

Among the changes the most prominent is the redesigned chiclet keyboard. This feature might have an appeal to the touch typists. This keyboard was used in the 1000he earlier but with simple design. The processor, Atom N280, used in 1002H is an improved version of the same used in Eee PC 1002HA. So it may be a look-alike of 1002HA. It also has WiFi and Bluetooth.

It will come in white, pink and black.

Here are the specs of Eee PC 1002H

10.2 inches screen
Faster Atom N280 processor, CPU has a 1.66-GHz clock speed
160GBhard drive
5 hour battery



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