LG X120

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If I would be one of those really in love with technology and attractive designs, I think I simply wouldn't sleep at all these days. Why? Nightmares, that's the answer! Why nightmares? Well, just look at all the awesome netbooks already available, and they just wouldn't stop! Now, the time has come for LG X120, the cutie below!

No, no, I am not talking about the chicks, although they are also pretty hot! ;) According to LG, the X120 should arrive by the end of this month to Japanese consumers, while Europe and 20 countries from the rest of the world should get it by the end of April.

Wondering about what's inside the box? Well, what about a 160GB hard drive, Splashtop-powered LG "Smart On" quick-boot interface and 10.1-inch WSVGA display, pushed forward by some Atom processor, all with a weight of 1.26 kg?

The details are still somewhat sketchy, and the Japanese product page looks extremely funny, once you use Google Translate or any other similar service to figure out what it says. Just for the record, no matter how bad could be that translation, I simply couldn't spot any processor info, but - as a last hot piece of news - it seems the LG X120 will feature 3G HSPA connectivity.

Other than the above...just wait and we'll all see, sooner or later!


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