Laptop Operating Temperatures

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was afraid of laptop operating temperatures for a long time, and I still have that fear of burning hot laptops. I know, I know, the latest processors are much cooler than the ones laptops used about a decade ago, but that's not the main issue. Have you ever wondered about health issues that can be closely related to the laptop operating temperatures? Probably not, so here's the story
If you’re one of the males using a laptop, various studies conducted a few years ago have shown that you may want to get a cool one. No, not necessarily a cool laptop computer like the MacBook, but a cool one like any laptop that doesn't get hot... Why that?

Well, these studies found that, as long as the laptop operating temperatures are high, the result is an excessive amount of heat being transferred to the scrotum, and ultimately affecting the quality and quantity of the user’s sperm. So that's why Peter North doesn't have a notebook, now I finally know the answer!

Now, don't throw away your hot laptop, because this only happen when you are using it on your lap. Simply place it on a desk, and everything should be fine, but...

...what are the best laptop operating temperatures?

Well, some may tell you to get a certain program to find out how hot is your laptop, get some additional cooling, and so on, but I am not one of those. As long as your laptop runs fine, it doesn't really matter how hot it is, as long as it's not outside the warranty period. Just be sure to always backup your precious data, because we all know that laptop operating temperatures are higher than those of desktop computers, so breakdowns are more frequent.

These being said, remember there's no such thing as best laptop operating temperature. If it works, be happy with it and backup on a daily basis. Good luck!


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