Thursday, March 19, 2009

I think its long overdue for me to give some practical advice about laptops instead of the reviews and news I've been doing lately so today I want to discuss a little known thing called the trade-in program.

Basically, many laptop manufacturers and retailers allow you to trade in your old laptop for a new one or as they call it upgrade.

DO NOT FALL FOR IT! If you trade in a 3 year old notebook the most you can generally get for it is 100-300 depending on make and build. If you were to sell that same laptop on eBay or any other place you could double or even triple that.

Another reason why you should not is its about time you learn how to fix your notebook. What happens when your warranty runs out? You're going to pay a couple hundreds to have the screen or hard drive replaced when you could buy the parts and DIY. Now if you're not sure how to do it there is not better way to learn then practice.

Get yourself a good A+ certification book and check out the chapters dealing with laptop repair. Even if you don't plan to go in the field you might be looking at a job promotion if you can save your company money by repairing their systems instead of them having to go out and buy new ones.

And even if you cannot be bothered with it I am sure it would be better to donate it to charity. Not only will you have a peace of mind you are helping someone but you can also get tax writes off for it depending on where you live and who you are.



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