Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's quite funny that no one ever seems to be able to know quite exactly what Apple is doing until a few weeks prior to the products release date. Ever since they clamped down on those few employees who were selling their ever so juicy secrets to the blog world, the place has been running quieter then the KGB.

But the rumor mills have once again started based on three separate reports (confirmed), that Apple is buying 10-inch screens from Taiwan. More interesting is the fact that some think its a netbook, some think its that ever so illusive tablet and yet others believe its an Ebook reader. At least that is what Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun Times believes.

" There's something I keep hearing, and I don't think I'd rank it as high as a rumor, but it's an interesting story that I keep hearing, that for awhile, trucks loaded with books would arrive at a loading dock on the Apple campus, and offload big, big, big, big, huge loads of books, and then the trucks would leave empty. And Apple does not have a 100,000-book employee library there on the Apple campus. So one is prone to believe that they're doing something with these books, such as turning them into text for some purpose we can only guess at. There's been a long-standing rumor that Apple has been silently preparing to open a bookstore on the iTunes store, and they want to make sure that they have a very large stock of electronic titles when they do open."

So I thought I would give my own guess as to what exactly it is Apple has under wraps at the ever so secret Apple labs. From what I've been hearing I'm guessing its a UMPC. Come on people this is the perfect solution. It not only satisfies those who want a bigger screen on their iPod Touch but also the netbook and ebook reader masses.



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