Remote PC Connection via Cell Phone on Lenovo ThinkPads

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I’m glad to discover lately that more and more laptop manufacturers start to offer additional important features to their new models, especially when I read about the security enhancements. Besides the pre-installed software for data protection, there is the Trusted Platform Module, the fingerprint scanner, the cable slot lock and now the advanced user-enabled remote protection. One example is Lenovo’s Constant Secure Remote Disable, which will come on the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks prepared for release in stores in the first quarter of the next year.

In simple words, the Constant Secure Remote Disable works like this:

You compose a key text message on your cell phone, like for example “lockdown now PC” or “PC shut off” , and send it to your notebook. As soon as it receives it, the system becomes inoperable, cutting the thief’s access to all its commands, and you will receive a message when the command has been executed. At a later time, in order to activate the computer, you’ll have to enter a special password.

Lenovo teamed up with Phoenix Technologies to build this advanced capability for its upcoming laptop computers, but we’ll find out more at the time of release.

"Remote Disable dramatically reduces the anxiety and waiting people often experience when they’ve been the victim of a lost or stolen notebook PC,” said Bob Galush, vice president, Software and Peripherals Marketing, Lenovo.” Through our work with Phoenix, we are able to reduce customers’ security risks and potential exposure of their confidential data when their ThinkPad notebook is lost or stolen. Combined with features like built-in biometric fingerprint readers, full hard drive encryption and embedded security chips, Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks offer the latest industry-leading PC security technologies.”


janntul ferdausi said...

As i commented on the article mentioning this previously, the throwback design cues like the mouse "nub" between the g/h/v/b keys need to be done away with, in my opinon. There can't be enough people still utilizing that feature when we have the trackpad and of course portable mice to replace it. The red cues tarnish the whole appearance
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